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Donald Trump President

If Donald Trump Were President, Here’s What Would Happen to the U.S. Economy. Donald Trump has had a lot of success in business, but how would he be for the economy as president? Here’s how his economic policies would play out.   Editor’s note: This story was originally published in October. Read More

Hillary Clinton Is Elected President

If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President, Here’s What Will Happen to the U.S. Economy. On economic matters. Would Hillary Clinton mirror her husband Bill’s centrist outlook, or follow along the lines of Obama’s more liberal initiatives? Clearly, she’d be different from Bernie Sanders.   Editor’s note: This story was originally Read More

Overstock has…

Overstock has $10 million of gold and silver stored at an off-site facility to pay employees in case there’s a financial crisis.   Overstock is ready for a real crisis. A report in the Financial Times on Thursday highlighted the online retailer’s roughly $10 million of gold and silver — that is, Read More

Gold Price Forecast

Gold Price Forecast, Trends, and Predictions. The following represents our current short-term, medium-term, and long-term gold price forecast. Please note that short-term gold price forecasts are very unreliable in a market that is as managed and manipulated as the precious metals market. But this helps to give our readers some Read More

Banks are bailing out

As Bank Bail-Ins Begin, We Could All Soon Be In For A World Of Hurt Because ‘Underneath The Surface, Big Trouble Is Brewing’   The story from Ellen Brown at Web Of Debt tells us what we’ll never hear from the mainstream media, a ‘crisis worse than ISIS’ awaits Americans in the form of Read More

7 reasons not to buy an annuity

7 reasons not to buy an annuity

If someone hasn’t tried to sell you an annuity yet, consider yourself one of the chosen lucky few. Odds are that you will eventually be pitched “the best annuity ever,” so it’s important to know the main reasons why you might not need to buy an annuity. You don’t need Read More